Does your website or social media photo accurately reflect the professional business image you want to be perceived by your present and prospective clients? For most companies, a corporate headshot is a necessity for the executives as well as the employees. Considering the fact that, prospective clients shopping for services often like to know they will be doing business with an actual person and not a faceless organization, including high-quality corporate headshots on your website, social media and print marketing channels help your clients put a face to your name, your services and most of all your brand.

At Chicago Video Productions, we offer professional corporate headshot photography services at affordable rates for you and your employees. Offering high-quality services in Chicago, we understand how crucial it is for your unique personality to come across in your headshot, which is the reason why our team has the expertise in not only creating professional photography using cutting-edge equipment but also in the way they position the camera, select the right wardrobe for the shoot and make everyone feel comfortable in front of the camera, even the camera shy, for creating photos that will make you look approachable yet professional. Backed by state-of- the-art equipment and a team of highly-skilled and seasoned professional photographers, makeup artists and retouchers, we go above and beyond in terms of catering to your every need, whether updating a couple of staff pictures or taking a group photo of the entire office, and putting your best face forward!


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